Hemp acoustic panel for wall and ceiling

Improve acoustics in rooms with sound absorbers on walls and ceilings

SilentFiber hemp acoustic panels improve any room acoustics in a simple and modern way by absorbing most of the sound energy. The square acoustic panels with dimensions of 62.5 x 62.5 x 4.5 cm are attached to the wall and ceiling for this purpose. The sound absorbers are available for purchase in eight different colors. The prices for one piece are as follows:  
    • a uncoated plate (natural brown): 42,99 €
    • a color coated Plate (natural white, light gray, dark gray, apricot, green, red): 52,99 €
  • a golden plate: 62,99 €

from 42,99 

incl. VAT


SilentFiber hemp acoustic panels for walls and ceilings are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as private living space, home offices, offices, foyers, schools, kindergartens. Sound absorbers are useful in all rooms where good speech intelligibility and room acoustics are crucial for the quality of life and work.

Installation is very simple and can be done by anyone. The acoustic panels are hung on the wall like pictures, or with the help of a Quick glue glued to the ceiling.

You can choose from eight different colors for your acoustic wall or acoustic ceiling. The acoustic panels thus become a flexibly combinable design element and offer you countless design options.

How many hemp acoustic panels do you need?

Acoustic panels on walls and/or ceilings optimize the acoustic properties of a room in a way that is as simple as it is ingenious, and they also look good. They are therefore effective sound absorbers and stylish design elements in an innovative, sustainable product.
For good room acoustics, it is primarily important that there is little reverberation. When you are talking, you should be able to understand the other person without any problems, even if many other noises and conversations are taking place in the same room. A single object falling to the floor does not reverberate through the entire room, and even in a modernly furnished room with large glass surfaces, few pieces of furniture and even fewer textile furnishings, you do not have the feeling of standing in a huge hall when speaking.
SilentFiber offers a simple, effective and decorative solution here: our acoustic panels are simply like a picture on the wall hung - and look similarly good doing it. Find inspiration using of some examples and discover how soundproofing panels enhance not only the acoustics but also the look of a room.

The SilentFiber hemp acoustic panel: view and sound trap climate neutral and ecological

Our hemp acoustic panel, as the name makes clear, is made of hemp straw. This is a waste material that is produced during the manufacture of hemp products. The raw material used is not only regenerative, but was also regional and emission-free produced. The material is so well suited because in the natural fibers are small cavities in which the sound energy is refracted. Thus, only a little residual sound is reflected back. Rooms lose their reverberation, and what remains are pleasant acoustics, which the Will significantly improve living and working quality. In addition, we make sure that our hemp acoustic panels do not contain any minerals and are therefore ideally suited for children, allergy sufferers or other more sensitive people.

Hemp acoustic panels as a highlight on the wall and ceiling

If you are wondering whether SilentFiber hemp acoustic panels will match your interior, we can answer: Yes! Whether you prefer a classic, clean or colorful interior style, with a wide selection of seven tasteful colors and a sleek design, you too will find the right thing to implement in your rooms.

With our hemp soundproofing panels are No cumbersome conversion measures necessary. Simply hang the acoustic panels on the wall - just like pictures. And mounting them on the ceiling is no problem either. You can find the special adhesive for this in our store.

Optimize sound effect, ability to concentrate and well-being with the SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel

More often than you might realize, rooms have poor acoustics that interfere with your concentration and do not allow you to relax sufficiently. At work and in private life: Improved sound properties can improve the quality of your life, both at work and in your private life... Even if you have to experience the difference first. Many sounds, all of which create a small reverberation effect, will be eliminated in the office, for example. For educators and teachers, everyday life will be more relaxed if the noise level of the children is lower and they are not excessively loud
need to talk... The solution is so simple: hang SilentFiber hemp acoustic panels on the wall and/or ceiling, and the difference will be immediately noticeable.

How to contact SilentFiber

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Dimension per plate:

square: 62.5 x 62.5 x 4.5 cm (approx. 0.39 m²)



    • Sound absorption αw=0.75 (MH)


    • free from artificial mineral fibers


    • Ingredients: 84 % hemp straw, 15 % Bico binding fiber | Ökotex certified, can be worn on the skin, <1 % fire retardant salt | monoammonium phosphate, also used as a leavening agent.


    • Simple mounting


    • Wide range of application and design options


  • Fire behavior DIN EN 13501: E

Measurement curve Sound absorption coefficient frequency-dependent SilentFiber acoustic panels

Measured values Sound absorption coefficient frequency-dependent SilentFiber acoustic panels

You can install SilentFiber hemp acoustic panels both on the wall and on the ceiling. The two mounting options briefly explained:

Wall mounting

The acoustic panel is hung like a picture. At the back of the panels, a hook is screwed into each of the four corners. Then simply hammer two nails into the wall - hang - done! The Mounting kit for hanging you can order here with pleasure. 

Ceiling mounting

When installing the panels on the ceiling, the acoustic panels are attached with magents. The advantage here is that the panels can be easily removed for painting the ceiling.

If the disassembly is not necessary, you can also use the hemp acoustic panels with Quick & Easy adhesive to the substrate. The Quick & Easy -Hanfkleber for 15 acoustic panels can be ordered online right away.

You can find more detailed information and assembly videos here.
Reference projects of the hemp acoustic panel you can find here