Unsere Schallschutzplatten dämmen Geräusche in beide Richtungen.
Mit Schallschutzplatten von SilentFiber können Sie die Schalldämmung in Ihren Räumen selbst verbessern.

Without soundproofing panel you will hear the noise of the neighbor. Unfortunately, we cannot close our ears or simply listen away. The longer the situation lasts, the more clearly we perceive the noise and the more disturbed we feel over time.


The sound insulation panels are mounted on the wall facing the neighbor and then covered with plasterboard - the wall looks the same with the facing formwork as before. The sound insulation panels absorb the noise from the neighbor and ensure peace and quiet in your home.

Noise insulation panel

Do you live in an apartment building and feel disturbed by the constant noise around you? Or would you like to be more considerate of your neighbors because you play an instrument and don't want to disturb them? Or have you simply noticed that the rooms of your home could be better soundproofed? In either case, poor insulation causes disturbance to you or your neighbors' peace and quiet, makes it difficult to get a restful night's sleep, and gets on your nerves. Our soundproofing panels work both ways - dampening noise from outside and keeping sounds inside from getting too loud outside. In either case, SilentFiber hemp panels are the perfect solution.

This is how easy it is to install the sound insulation panels

Schallschutzplatte anbringen

1. mount partition wall strip

On the adjacent walls, on the floor and on the ceiling is mounted a circumferential partition wall tape is mounted.

Schallschutzplatte anbauen

2. apply adhesive to wall

The "Quick & Easy" adhesive is applied to the wall with a notched trowel.

Schallschutzplatte verkleben

3. glue sound insulation board

The SilentFiber sound insulation board is laid in the adhesive bed.

Schallschutzplatte verschwinden lassen

4. coat drywall panels with adhesive.

The plasterboard panels are cut to size and also coated with the "Quick & Easy" adhesive.

Schallschutzplatte abdecken

5. glueing plasterboard

The plasterboard is glued to the soundproofing panels.

Einbau der Schallschutzplatte finalisieren

6. spackle drywall panels

Then the plasterboard is filled and painted.

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You do not need to be a skilled craftsman to install our hemp sound insulation panels on your own. A corresponding instruction is enclosed with the product. If you still need help or do not want to install the panels yourself, but of course you can rely on our Assembly service fall back.


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Step by step installation instructions of the sound insulation panel

Especially when disturbing noises restrict, disturb or interrupt our sleep, the stress caused by a lack of noise insulation is extremely high. If it remains permanently this high, not only are nerves frayed, there can also be health impairments due to the lack of sleep. In addition to effects on the cardiovascular system, there can also be effects on concentration. You work less efficiently in your home office, your children have difficulty with their schoolwork or fail to prepare for exams. With SilentFiber's cost-effective and efficient soundproofing panels, high-quality soundproofing can be achieved without extensive renovation work. The intelligently designed panel made of hemp provides more privacy as well as calmer nerves - a significant improvement for your well-being and feeling of living in your own four walls.

There are many good reasons why you should choose our sound insulation panels. For one thing, they can be quickly and securely attached to a wide variety of substrates, making them suitable for almost any wall. Secondly, all you need is a suitable adhesive and basic installation tools. Of course, you can also purchase both in our store. The attached sound insulation - for example to the neighboring apartment - you can then simply clad it to your taste or paint it in the color of your choice, so that the sound insulation panel lies underneath as an invisible noise barrier. But you can just as well use it as a decorative element. For installation tips and more information, please visit here over.


Listening example: My neighbor listens to loud music - that's what I hear in my apartment ...

... this is what it sounds like in my apartment: WITHOUT sound insulation panels
... this is what it sounds like in my apartment: WITH sound insulation panels

How a sound insulation panel from SilentFiber works

Sounds propagate in the form of sound waves. As soon as these waves hit an obstacle in the room or a surface, part of the energy is absorbed and the rest is reflected. The more impermeable, i.e. denser, the surface is, the less it resonates or the fewer waves are "swallowed". A material such as concrete, for example, resonates almost not at all, because the atoms are built up into a dense lattice. Our sound insulation panels made of hemp, on the other hand, resonate excellently. This is because the natural fiber consists of many cavities, so the atomic lattice is loosely connected and can move easily. Thus, the reflection of sound waves is minimized many times and the absorption is maximized many times, which reduces the noise in your home, and therefore benefits your well-being and especially your recovery periods.

The sound insulation panel that can reduce your heating costs

Our SilentFiber sound insulation panels not only impress with their uncomplicated installation and effective reduction of noise, but also bring another positive effect: thermal insulation. And this is done incidentally, without you having to do anything separately for it. Thus, you can save money after installation. In times of rising energy prices, this is an additional plus. In addition, it is an ecological product, because it recycles the waste materials of the hemp industry and is produced regionally and emission-free. In any case, you are acting sustainably with a purchase: the panels have a long-term impact on your quality of life, and you are doing something for the environment.

Unsere Schallschutzplatte hält einfach auf jedem Untergrund.
The hemp sound insulation board can be mounted on brick masonry, concrete, wood or drywall panels.

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This is what it sounds like when your neighbor hears music - with and without our SilentFiber sound insulation panels.

Convince yourself of the functionality of our sound insulation panels

In order to offer you the best possible impression of our product online as well, we use audiovisual means so that you can vividly convince yourself of the efficiency of our sound insulation panels. Therefore, we have created a video for you, in which you can get an exact picture of our sound insulation panels. In it, we also show you how easily and quickly our panels can be installed - only a few work steps are required. See for yourself.

Questions about the sound insulation panel? Your contact to us

You would like to learn more about the sound insulation panels, their installation or about other products from our online store? You are interested in the material hemp used by us and wonder why it is perfectly suitable for sound insulation? Do you need a special solution and would like professional advice on its feasibility? Please do not hesitate to contact us. With us, you can quickly transform your home (again) into the haven of peace it was meant to be. From Austria you can reach us by phone at +436509110614, from Germany under +4985726369994. Of course you can also send us your inquiries by mail to or uncomplicated via our Contact form send to us. We are looking forward to your message!

Frequently asked questions about sound insulation and our panels

No. In sound engineering, a distinction is made between ACOUSTIC PANELS and SOUND PROTECTION PANELS. The former do not reduce noise from outside, but attenuate the echo within the room. In this way, they improve room acoustics, not sound insulation.

About 5-10 decibels less is the noise impact depending on the substrate and structure. This may not sound like a great improvement at first. But: An improvement of 10 decibels corresponds to halving the perceived volume. You perceive your neighbor or disturbing noises from the stairwell to be only half as loud - that sounds better, doesn't it?

Several factors play a role here. For example, whether you are the owner of the apartment or house or whether you rent it. If you want to make the wall facing another apartment or the street more soundproof, you will of course have to install the soundproof panels on your own wall. If you want to better separate individual rooms within your own apartment or house, you are free to choose where to place them. In this case, we always recommend choosing the room where there are fewer pipes to make installation easier.

It is best to use the heaviest possible plasterboard. DIY stores offer such special soundproofing models. From the company Knauf we can recommend the Knauf Silentboard or Knauf Diamant. Together with the SilentFiber sound insulation boards, you will succeed in significantly reducing the noise from your neighbor.

A layer as heavy as possible should be applied to the hemp sound insulation boards to improve the sound insulation to the neighbor. In addition to heavy plasterboard, OSB boards or other wood-based panels are also suitable for this purpose. On top of them you can glue, for example, wooden or stone facing.

For uneven substrates, we recommend attaching the sound insulation panels to the wall with a tile adhesive or a facade adhesive. The tile adhesive is applied to the wall and to the hemp panel to improve the sound insulation to the neighbor. The hemp panels are then pressed against the wall, which is also known as "floating in". The mineral adhesive must dry for about 2 to 3 days. After that, you can easily glue the plasterboard to the hemp panels.