Reference peat acoustic panel

ERNST2 ARCHITEKTEN | Hannover at the new location of the architectural office in the city center of Hannover, the blue square of the company logo was integrated into the

Lebenshilfe Donau-Iller inaugurated its new workshop building in Böfingen on World Mental Health Day. Covering around 3800 square meters, the bright,

In this media room in an elementary school / elementary school, the children could hardly follow the films. Due to the extreme echo in the room was

Especially in a meeting room, good acoustics play an important role. And especially when, in addition to meetings, video conferences are also held in a

You're probably familiar with this too: a WC room with sound-reflecting surfaces on the walls, ceiling and floor. The acoustics are

Ecological absorbers made of natural materials - experience live at Live Act Studio in Munich. Max-Planck-Strasse 685609 Mü 1522-8982605 or+49 8321-6078900 Live Act Studio Munich

Especially in a canteen, good acoustics are difficult to achieve. Conversations, voices, clattering cutlery and loud plates. In this project

For a new kindergarten group in St. Johann am Walde (Saiga Hans), the sustainable acoustic panels were simply integrated between the existing lights.

For an additional kindergarten group in St. Johann am Walde (Saiga Hans), the corridor area was to be acoustically improved. In the stairwell, pinnable peat

Image: copyright natural_acoustic The bold shades of green and blue were cleverly combined with gray panels in the meeting room in Innsbruck. The in

"I am thrilled with the effect of the panels, as they greatly reduce the reverberation and background noise. Also in the color combination it fits

Office project in Finland with the Torf acoustic panels.Natural white and colored panels in polygonal shapes were suspended here from the dark painted ceiling.

Exciting industrial architecture in Sweden...In the renovation of the Swedish Energy Agency building, the architects put an exciting spin on industrial charm. The peat acoustic panel

Quiet can be so simple...This coffee in Berlin shines through its simplicity. Where nothing else would swallow the sound, provide the TORF

Does this sound familiar: A bathroom reverberant surfaces. The acoustics are modest. SilentFiber TORF acoustic panels are suitable for wet rooms. They absorb the

The SilentFiber TORF acoustic panels can also be cut as circles. In this project, the panels with 20 mm thickness were used as black

In this project, the SilentFiber TORF acoustic panels were combined with LED lighting to create an exciting object. The Torf acoustic panels were used

The printed SilentFiber TORF acoustic panels can be individually printed with a picture. The following formats of the are possible: 59.4 x 59.5 cm 119.4

Already at the first video conference, the participants were surprised. The acoustics were much better than before. What has changed? Our customer

The TORF acoustic panels can be printed individually Secure now 20% discount on the printed TORF acoustic panels You want to improve the room acoustics and at the same time

small meeting room, approx. 12 m2 to TORF acoustic panel large meeting room, approx. 25 m2 to TORF acoustic panel During the renovation of two meeting rooms in

Especially in the living room often divide minds. Some want a cozy cave, the other a quiet room without much clutter

Except for the countertop, this open kitchen is all white. To match, the SilentFiber TORF acoustic panels in natural white were applied to

Bright and open shows this living room. Large undivided glass surfaces, smooth walls and a wooden floor create a spacious feeling. Unfortunately suffers

You probably know this too: a bathroom with tiles up to the ceiling. All surfaces are hard and reflect sound. The

This modern lecture room is dominated by the gray tones of the floor and chairs. They TORF acoustic panels in nature blend harmoniously with

Shabby chic is becoming increasingly popular. In this cafe, the tables are made of old pallets, the walls are raw and uncovered. Also the