Reference Fabric Acoustic Panel

Room size:15 m2 Product used:SilentFiber STOFF acoustic panel Colors:Dark gray, Light gray Area of absorbers:16 panels STOFF acoustic panel buy now

If the whole family sits at the table, it quickly becomes noisy! To calm the common meal and also the kinship celebrations has the

Who does not like to spend a cozy evening at a must farmer in Styria? Surrounded by beautiful nature, excellent food directly from the

Our ears are also active during the night. And so we should also pay attention to good ram acoustics in the "wellness oasis bedroom".

Living is an expression of personality. Very personal shows the natural living space. Design classics are combined here with individual furniture. The couch table

The living space of a young family in Austria is very open and friendly. But when many people are sitting at the table, it becomes

FABRIC is found in this living room on the curtains, on the sofa and on the back of the bench at the dining table. The square

An X for an O? SilentFiber STOFF acoustic panels can be combined as easily as in the popular children's game. The example shows