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Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Image: Synthesa Back Next Product used: Hemp Acoustic Panel in special formats Hemp Ceiling Sail Colors: Special colors

Ecological absorbers made of natural materials - experience live in the Live Act Studio in Munich. Max-Planck-Strasse 685609 Mü 1522-8982605 or+49 8321-6078900 Live Act Studio Munich - Helmut HackOur studio in Munich is faster

Back Next Improvement of acoustics at Seminarhof Schleglberg in Upper Austria Product used:SilentFiber acoustic panel Colors:Natural

Back Next Product used: SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Dark gray, company color blue, the company logo was milled out of acrylic glass and glued onto the hemp acoustic panel A lot of glass | a lot of echo A bright office,

Back Next Product used: SilentFiber HANF Acoustic Panel Colors:Dark gray, company color blue, the company logo was milled out of acrylic glass and glued onto the hemp acoustic panel Never again bad acoustics at the video conference!

Product used: SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Light gray, dark gray Number of offices:> 100 Research institute in Freiburg, Germany Ribbon windows and a facade of square ceramic panels characterize the new building of the Fraunhofer Institute for

HANF acoustic panel order now Less reverberation at the dining table: modern and open shows the home in Germany. Design classics are grouped around a characterful oak table. To improve the acoustics at the dining table

Order HANF acoustic panel now Less reverberation in the staircase: The modern apartment building has an open staircase. A lot of glass, smooth walls and a wooden floor - here you will find few materials that will make the

Order HANF acoustic panel now Goal: less reverberation The modern room has exposed concrete walls and a polished concrete floor. All reverberant surfaces that reflect sound. The result: there is a disturbing echo.

Order HANF acoustic panel now The employees of Klickimpuls in Linz wanted less reverberation. Even an online marketing agency has to deal with quite Irish issues. The noisy stairwell was

This is a natural eye-catcher in the hallway: an individual work of art made of a picture, a hemp acoustic panel and a homemade moss picture. The photo has a personal meaning and the moss picture is homemade,

More peace and quiet in the nursery Babies should be able to rest in the nursery. If the offspring sleeps well, the parents can also enjoy the night. The sustainable hemp acoustic panels swallow up the

Back Next Product used: SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Dark gray Number of absorbers:18 HANF acoustic panels KiTa in Bavaria Where children play it is rarely quiet. Therefore, good room acoustics is especially

Product used: SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Light gray Number of absorbers:4 HANF acoustic panels More quiet at the toilet During the renovation of the toilet, the ceiling and the wall above the tiled floor were darkened

Product used: SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Dark gray, gold Number of absorbers:6 HANF acoustic panels Gewies Rohde Architekten, Landshut The spacious, bright rooms are given an exciting accent in gold and gray. The goal was

Previous Next Have you ever paid attention to the acoustics in a stairwell? From today on you will do it again and again! Often enough hallways and staircases are "neglected children", which is

Room size:approx. 15m2 Product used:SilentFiber HANF acoustic panel Colors:Natural white, light gray, dark gray, gold Number of absorbers:6 HANF acoustic panels Order now Customer testimonial "We have achieved SUPER 👏 RESULTS in our esrten test room - well

Previous Next Order HANF acoustic panel now Carsten Herbert - the managing director of Energie & Haus Energiesparberatung - was looking for a simple, sustainable and chic acoustic solution for his

Back Next In a practice in Lower Austria, SilentFiber HANF acoustic panels ensure a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Visually, they also blend in perfectly with the room concept. Plain, white

This is the eye-catcher in a Berlin office: an exciting combination of hemp acoustic panels and round moss elements. The employees are particularly pleased with it. "We are very satisfied and enjoy

Back Next You can literally see the passion for music in this room: Concrete hi-fi racks ensure a vibration-free stand. The speakers are optimally supported. The speaker cables are as thick as your thumb. For

Back Next The new office spaces of Baltrusch Immobilien ( in Switzerland have a very inviting design. Two golden SilentFiber HANF acoustic panels provide a contrast to a red wall. Gray

"The sound result is very impressive. When you get to the upper level now, it feels like you're wrapped in absorbent cotton." Benjamin Andresen, Back Next That an open stairwell

Our customers tell us again and again about a similar situation. They have built or renovated a house. But the path from the living room to the bedroom is not one you want to take.

A lot of reverberation in the stairwell? Many of our customers have this problem Back Next Improve poor acoustics in the stairwell: A reverberant stairwell can be found in many newly built single-family homes. Room size:15

A homemade acoustic lamp? We have very creative customers! Previous Next The challenge to combine the room acoustics and a lamp: Poor room acoustics in the open living area of a single-family house Room size:29 m2 Used.

When expanding the office space of the company Förster IT-Dienstleistungen GmbH in Neumünster (, a strong focus was placed on particularly good room acoustics. Absorbers on the cabinets and between the

Natural room acoustics in a modern eat-in kitchen with an open staircase. SilentFiber acoustic panels blend harmoniously with the colors of the living room and create a quiet atmosphere. Back

Modern and open spaces often turn out to be very reverberant and thus rather uncomfortable after moving in. In this open-plan dining room, the SilentFiber HANF acoustic panels were used to reduce the

Natural room acoustics in modern living space in solid wood construction complement each other wonderfully as this object shows. The SilentFiber acoustic panels fit perfectly into the room and ensure peace and quiet in the

Large staircases in an office building very often leave a lot of room for design, but attention should also be paid to room acoustics. This object shows that the SilentFiber grid panel and the SilentFiber acoustic panel

You want to eat and enjoy in peace? At the restaurant "Der Hambrusch", furniture, the colors of the room and the SilentFiber acoustic ceiling blend into a harmonious overall picture. Image source: "Photo: ©Synthesa"

The guest garden has a long tradition in the Innviertel. Also in Althiem at the brewery inn Wurmöringer. You can now enjoy typical dishes such as Innviertler Knödel, crispy Ripperl and the popular "Bradl in

Modern architecture also needs modern acoustic solutions. What carpet and curtains used to do, SilentFiber natural sound absorbers can now do. The challenge of best room acoustics in the living room: reverberant, open

Lively children make their presence felt, especially in a kindergarten - they should! To make learning and playing fun, SilentFiber acoustic panels were installed at the Waldkindergarten in Saalfelden on

Especially in therapy and treatment rooms, a calming and pleasant room atmosphere is important. The challenge of best room acoustics in the treatment room: Natural optimization of room acoustics combined with an existing lamp Room size:8 m2

The SilentFiber acoustic panels with a southern flair create a quiet atmosphere in the Gärtnerei-Café Siegwarth. The acoustic panels blend in so harmoniously with the room that at first glance one can

Anyone who buys a high-quality hi-fi system also expects the best sound quality in their living space. Here we present a project where we have mastered this challenge.