The SilentFiber panel for the grid ceiling

The SilentFiber grid plate made of natural fibers absorbs the sound in that the majority of the Sound energy breaks into the hollow reamer of the natural fiberboard, only a small part of the sound is reflected. The Hall in space is thus Decreases and the Speech intelligibility increased - and in a completely natural way.

An acoustic ceiling doesn't have to look bland or mundane. The natural and vivid surface of the SilentFiber grid plates give a grid ceiling that certain something. If you color individual panels, it immediately loosens up the room.

The grid plates are suitable for grid ceiling mounting systems. Installation is very simple: the sound absorbers are simply hung in existing grid ceiling systems.

You can choose from 8 different colors thus there are hardly any limits to your design options. Our room-healthy acoustic solutions are made from a renewable raw material, so they are free of artificial mineral fibers.

Grid plate for the acoustic ceiling

- Dimension: 61.7 cm x 61.7 cm x 2.5 cm (0.38 m2)
- Very good sound absorption αw 0.75 (MH)
- Simple assembly
- Free from artificial mineral fibers
- Available in 8 different colors

How do SilentFiber grid panels support room acoustics?

A reverberant spaceThe sound of several people talking in a jumble is automatically perceived as unpleasant, has a demonstrable effect on the human psyche. The ability to concentrate decreases and you simply feel uncomfortable in that space without being aware of the exact cause.

In contrast, a room in which the acoustics, and thus the reverberation time, are optimized can radiate an eerie sense of calm and security. If, for example, grid panels are used in an office to surround the Optimize room acoustics, the ability to concentrate increases. Man is not constantly jolted out of work by disturbing noises or colleagues talking too loudly on the phone. The Silent Fiber grid plates allow you to work more relaxed over a longer period of time.

Also in Schools or kindergartensroom acoustics are the be-all and end-all for concentrated learning. In addition comes here, the Speech intelligibility. If the teacher can't hear the students well and has to talk louder, the noise level in a classroom quickly builds up. It is easy to imagine how loud it can get in a full classroom or playroom. Often, especially in schools and kindergartens, a grid ceiling is already installed. Conventional grid tiles accumulate dust over the years and lose their acoustic effect. Replacing individual grid tiles or an entire grid ceiling will give you a whole new perception of the room.

But also in the own 4 walls the room acoustics should not be neglected. The current building trend is towards large rooms, lots of plaster and large glass surfaces. Carpets and curtains are out. The reduction of sound-absorbing materials creates reverberation, which can quickly spoil a well-deserved relaxing evening.

The theme Room acoustics permeate all areas of life and often touches us more than we realize. Whether at work, studying, relaxing on the couch, or even sleeping, one thing is true:

You can close your eyes - but not your ears!

Work more relaxed

With the grid panels for the acoustic ceiling it becomes much quieter in the office. You can concentrate better on your own work, because you do not have to constantly listen to the phone calls or conversations of colleagues or the noise from the street.

Learn more concentrated

Especially in schools and kindergartens there is a loud background noise. By using grid panels in an acoustic ceiling, it becomes quieter in the classroom. The teachers are better understandable and the children can concentrate better.

Enjoy tranquility

Poor acoustics has a negative impact on productivity, concentration and increases the number of sick days. Soundproofing panels for the grid ceiling help to relax - you, your family and even your boss!