Sound insulation for the wall - when the neighbor is too loud

Many people know it: Thin walls like made of paper, through which every noise booms as loudly as if it came from your own apartment. Whether it's movement in the stairwell, conversations in the neighboring apartment, or even a musical instrument blaring into yours from a surrounding apartment - all of this can disrupt your concentration as well as simply interrupt your relaxation within your own four walls. Continuous noise can even cause sleep deprivation. Generally, however, such a situation hits the mind, causes stress and prevents the much-needed peace and quiet in your private life. The solution: effective sound insulation on the wall facing the neighbor, the stairwell or, of course, the outside to reduce street noise with the help of our SilentFiber sound insulation panels. And the best part is that you can easily install the sustainable hemp panels yourself. Simply glue them to the wall and cover them with heavy plasterboard, for example. This is how they "cushion" the sound.

To buy the hemp panels in a bundle for 129.90 euros each. Per bundle you get ten panels (60 x 80 centimeters). To make the sound insulation on your wall as uncomplicated as possible, we also have the right installation tool for you on offer.

4,90  - 349,90 


21,98  / kg

Product contains: 5 kg


20,58  / kg

Product contains: 17 kg


Product contains: 30 m



Help I hear my neighbor. What can I do?


Step by step installation instructions of the sound insulation panel

Especially in large houses with many parties, there is always something going on. If the insulation is poor, you will hear more from your neighbors than you would like. Even within your own four walls, the background noise caused by your housemates can quickly become a stress factor. Both often lead to sleepless nights or regularly recurring interruptions of restful sleep. But not only that, relaxing in the evening or concentrated work in the home office is almost impossible due to noise pollution. Overall, poor sound insulation reduces the feel-good atmosphere as well as the quality of life in one's own home. Disturbing noises can also become a burden for children, because the background noise is a distraction during schoolwork. A particular burden arises for people who work in shifts. At recurring intervals or even permanently, they are dependent on sleeping during the day and recovering for the coming night shift. Regardless of which situation of this applies to you, this constant stress can have significant health consequences. Did you know that frequent lack of sleep can raise blood sugar and weaken the immune system? The cardiovascular system can also be damaged by constant noise.

Therefore, invest in good sound insulation - our solutions for soundproofing a wall are available at fair prices and, if desired, with suitable installation materials.

What makes hemp so special in sound insulation?

You wonder why the natural product hemp, of all things, should be such a fantastic solution for sound insulation on your wall? Sound insulation only works if the sound waves created cannot propagate undisturbed through a room. This means that the reverberation from a sound source must be attenuated. This can be achieved with materials installed in or on the wall, which absorb the waves and thus cushion the resulting noise. One of these materials can be hemp. This is because these natural fibers contain a large number of small cavities in which the sound energy is refracted and thanks to which the sound insulation of the wall - to the neighbor or to the outside - reduces noise.



Listening example: My neighbor listens to loud music - that's what I hear in my apartment ...

... this is what it sounds like in my apartment: WITHOUT sound insulation panels
... this is what it sounds like in my apartment: WITH sound insulation panels

Advantages of hemp panels for sound insulation on the wall

There are many factors in favor of soundproofing your wall with the help of our hemp panels:

  • The effect of noise reduction is clearly perceptible.
  • They contribute to thermal insulation and can help save heating costs - a topic that could hardly be more topical right now.
  • The panels for sound insulation - for example, on the wall to the neighbor - can be easily and quickly installed even by laymen.
  • They can be easily installed both in new construction and as part of a renovation.
  • Hemp panels are an ecological, sustainable product, as the hemp straw used is a waste product of the hemp industry. We produce regionally and emission-free in Austria. With our panels for soundproofing your wall, you are not only doing something good for your ears, but also for the environment.

Your contact to us

Since we know that despite the ease of installation, it is a big step and you probably have some questions about our hemp panels, we already answer some in our FAQ. However, if something is still unclear regarding the sound insulation of your wall - whether to the neighbor, into the stairwell or to the street - we are happy to help you both by phone and via our Contact form to be able to help you further. From Austria you can reach us at 00436509110614. However, since we do not limit our business to the domestic market, you can reach us from Germany at 004985726369994. In addition, you are also welcome to send us an email with your questions. Simply send them to, we will reply as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions

No, this will not achieve the desired effect. In sound engineering, we distinguish between ACOUSTIC PANELS and SOUND PROTECTION PANELS. Acoustic panels "only" reduce the echo within a room. This means that they improve the acoustics inside a room, rather than isolating it from outside noise. For real and effective soundproofing, you need to install our hemp soundproofing panels on the wall facing the neighbor or the street.
Depending on the structure and substrate, an improvement of 5-10 decibels can be achieved. That doesn't sound like much of an effect to you? An improvement of 10 decibels corresponds to a reduction of the perceived volume by 50 percent - you hear your neighbor only half as loud - that already sounds much better, doesn't it?
If you want to use sound insulation to make the wall facing the neighbor more soundproof, thus reducing the noise level in your apartment, the only option is to install the panels on exactly this wall facing the other apartment. If, on the other hand, you want to soundproof certain rooms in your own home, the wall side does not matter. As a small tip from practice: choose the room with the fewest wires in the wall. This will make installation the quickest and easiest.
The plasterboard you use for sealing our hemp boards should be as heavy as possible and is normally available in DIY stores. Knauf Silentboard or Knauf Diamant are particularly suitable in combination with the SilentFiber sound insulation boards.
Essentially, you only need to make sure that the boards with which you clad our sound insulation are heavy or have a high density - so OSB boards are also suitable. You can even enhance them afterwards with wood facing or other materials visible in the room.

In such cases, it is a good idea to attach the sound insulation panels to the wall using a tile adhesive or a facade adhesive to achieve suitable sound insulation. To do this, apply a thin layer of the adhesive to both the panel and the wall before carefully pressing on the sound insulation. The mineral adhesive must dry for 2-3 days before you can glue the plasterboard.

Technical information

Thickness of the plates:

4 cm

Format of the plates:

60 x 80 cm

Number of plates per bundle:

10 plates per bundle

4.8 m² per bundle or 0.48 m² per sheet

Raw material:

Hemp straw

Sound reduction index improvement according to ÖNORM EN IOS 10140:

  • 40 mm sound insulation board = 6 dB (when using SSZ (sound insulation brick) 25 cm and 15 mm plasterboard)

Recommended quantity:

The wall to the noise source must be fully covered with the SilentFiber SOUND INSULATION PLATE.

Assembly instructions

In principle, the type of substrate of your wall to be insulated is unimportant for the installation of our panels, but they are the easiest to attach to flat walls. Even without previous craftsmanship and certain tools, their installation is in the highest degree uncomplicated. Your project "soundproofing of the wall" can therefore be implemented quickly and easily. Possible substrates for our sound insulation panels can be, for example, brick, wood chip masonry, concrete, solid wood/CLT (cross laminated timber), wooden studs and drywall. Depending on the type of substrate you have, we recommend the following aids for even easier application:

- Brick and wood chip mantle block: Flex tile adhesive
- Concrete and drywall: "Hemp Quick & Easy" special adhesive
- Wood substrate: hemp screws

Then you have the option to choose different surfaces, which will be applied over the hemp soundproof panels: For example, plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard, clay building panels and decorative plaster. Thus, you are free to choose what best complements, contrasts or rounds off your interior style.

The sound insulation on your wall to the neighbor or to the street is very easy to install with our hemp panels. Below we have put together a short guide for you, so that you can get a first impression of the installation process. For visual information, feel free to watch our video as well. How it works:

  1. Glue partition wall all around
  2. Apply "Hemp Quick & Easy" quick adhesive to the wall.
  3. Stick hemp Silent panels to the wall (if necessary, cut with serrated knife).
  4. Apply "Hemp Quick & Easy" quick-setting adhesive to the back of the gypsum boards.
  5. Glue plasterboard to the wall
  6. Cut out joints between gypsum boards
  7. Mix Synthomur and fill joints with it
  8. Cut partition tape
  9. Paint wall in any color

You see: In just nine uncomplicated and manageable steps, you can easily take on the soundproofing of your wall yourself - supplemented with the video instructions, almost nothing at all can go wrong. Should you still be unsure and simply prefer to leave this task to a professional, we will of course be happy to help you. Let us know by sending an email to know that you need our support, and our installation service will come to your home as soon as possible. We will competently help you and support you to promptly realize your sound insulation on the wall facing the neighbor, an adjoining room or the street. All you have to do then is to choose the cladding of our sustainable hemp panels yourself.

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