Sound insulation for the ceiling

The SilentFiber Mute System is an easy-to-install soundproofing system for ceilings. The sound insulation panels for the ceiling were developed to reduce structure-borne sound and airborne sound in residential and public spaces. The sound insulation panels can be installed on the following ceilings: Concrete ceiling, wooden ceiling, solid wood ceiling/CLT/ cross laminated timber. The main advantages of the SilentFiber Mute Systems are:

  • Only 38 mm thick - little loss of space in the living room
  • Flexible mounting on almost all ceilings (concrete, wood ...)
  • Quick assembly due to prefabricated panels (tongue and groove, holes for mounting ...)
This is included: accessories for mounting | to increase the sound insulation performance on the ceiling.
  • SilentFiber Mute sound insulation panels, gypsum fiberboards with stepped rebate, thickness 23 mm with Anti-vibrationfastening elements, foam behind it.
  • DClant™ - Sound and vibration insulating sealant that adds +3 dB to the system
  • Screws 3.9 x 19 mm: for screwing the step rebate of the mute panels (1st layer)
  • Screws 3.9 x 30 mm: to connect the sound insulation gypsum board (2nd layer) to the gypsum fiber boards of the mute boards (1st layer).
  • Everything is included to mount the soundproofing panels on a concrete ceiling
  • Optionally you can still order: Partition tape, 75 mm wide
  • Optionally you can still order: Membrane as intermediate layer between gypsum fiberboard and soundproofing gypsum board
  • The sound insulation gypsum boards for the 2nd layer are too large for shipping. You can get them at your local hardware store.

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Help I hear my neighbor. What can I do?
SilentFiber sound insulation panel for the ceiling

Mode of action

The main acoustic principle used in the SilentFiber Mute system is ground + spring + ground as in the electromechanical analogy. The SilentFiber Mute system is extra thin and highly effective. It is used with 8 specially developed Anti-vibration fasteners mounted. It is particularly well suited for sound insulation by:

  • the different densities of the materials used (foam, gypsum fiber, rubber)
  • an approx. 5 mm air gap, which effectively prevents the sound waves from vibrating to the ceiling. As a result, less airborne sound is generated.
  • the small contact area of less than 1 % with the static ceiling. As a result, there is little vibration transmission into the ceiling.
  • the additional damping of the fixing points with the ceiling by means of a special elastomer

The patented mounting element was specially developed for the installation of the SilentFiber Mute system.

The innovative connecting elements are made of special elastomers. They are effective and vibration-damping point connections between the existing ceiling and the sound insulation panel. Their geometry reduces the sound transmission rate and minimizes the contact area between the sound insulation panels and the ceiling to less than 1 %.


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Step by step installation instructions of the sound insulation panel

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Do you have any questions about our products or do you need more detailed information and tips on how to achieve the most effective sound insulation for your ceiling? Then do not hesitate to contact us! We will surely find an individual solution how you can spend a quieter everyday life in the future. You can reach us by phone at (D) +4985726369994 or (A) +436509110614, by mail to or conveniently via our Contact form. We are looking forward to your message!

Frequently asked questions

No, this will not achieve the desired effect. A distinction is made between ACOUSTIC PANELS and SOUND PROTECTION PANELS. Acoustic panels "only" reduce the echo within a room and thus contribute to better room acoustics. To effectively reduce noise from neighbors or the street, you need a different product.

For real and effective sound insulation, you need to install our hemp soundproofing panels on the wall facing the neighbor or the street.

Depending on the structure and substrate, an improvement of 5-10 dB can be achieved.

That doesn't sound like much of an effect to you? In absolute terms, this value is roughly equivalent to the ticking of a clock or the rustling of leaves. But: an improvement of 10 dB is a halving of the perceived loudness and thus an increase in the quality of life through more quiet. You hear your neighbor only half as loud - that already sounds much better, doesn't it?

The facing sheet must be mounted on the whole ceiling. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install the panels only in a partial area. The sound would find its way over the unoccupied areas.

With the plasterboard depends on the weight. They should be as heavy as possible. In DIY stores, you can usually find special soundproofing gypsum boards that are recommended. For example, you can use Knauf Silentboard or Knauf Diamond for SilentFiber sound insulation boards to improve sound insulation to the neighbor.

It is important that the layer on the soundproofing board is heavy - that is, has a high density. On the one hand, you can use heavy plasterboard, on the other hand, OSB board. On top of the OSB board you can then glue wood facing or other materials visible in the room.
Format of the plates:

100 x 120 cm, 23 mm thickness

Weight: 17.4 kg/plate

Assembly thickness incl. mounting feet: 50 mm


Gypsum fiberboard

Airborne sound reduction of the mute system: up to 65 dB

Impact sound reduction of the mute system: up to 54 dB

Recommended quantity:

The ceiling must be fully covered with SilentFiber Mute sound insulation panels.

Sound reduction index:

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