Moss picture

Bring nature into the home with our moss acoustic pictures

SilentFiber moss picture looks great and additionally improves the room acoustics. The design element can be easily mounted on the wall.

Moss paintings are made from natural mosses, which are preserved with a salt solution.

The moss pictures are in a frame made of solid wood or stainless steel.

The natural moss is stabilized and colored with a salt solution. Therefore, it does not need to be watered.

Dust formation on the moss is very low over the years. Should a gray haze nevertheless occur, the moss can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a furniture brush and low suction power.

The moss is naturally stabilized. Therefore, it does not need light and water.

The moss picture is hung on the wall like a picture. For this purpose, hooks are pre-mounted on the back. Simply hammer two nails into the wall - hang - ready!

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