Acoustic panel

We offer acoustic panels made of different materials and with different options and applications: 

Acoustic panel

62.5 x 62.5 x 4.5 cm
Good sound absorption
for wall and ceiling
in 8 standard colors
can be coated in RAL colors
Best Seller

Acoustic panel

59.4 x 59.4 x 2 cm
119.4 x 59.4 x 2 cm
free forms possible
suitable for damp locations
can be coated in RAL colors

Acoustic panel

50 x 50 x 5 cm
100 x 50 x 5 cm
round diameter 50 x 5 cm
round diameter 100 x 5 cm
high quality fabric surface
Available in 22 colors

How do SilentFiber acoustic panels support good room acoustics?

In the 1960s, it was carpets, heavy curtains and upholstered furniture that absorbed sound.
Today people build differently: open, modern with a lot of glass, without curtains, with little furniture and smooth surfaces.

What happens to the sound as a result? Most of it is reflected. And so a disturbing echo is created in the room.

SilentFiber acoustic panels do the job of carpets and upholstered furniture. They absorb the sound and thus reduce the echo. This is also important for your well-being.

Whether you mount the panels on the ceiling or on the wall, it does not matter in the end.
Both for mounting on the wall and on the ceiling we offer Mounting material an.

The plates should be placed throughout the room. You can combine several panels and distribute several of these "units" in the room. For planning we have a Online 3D Planner.
The SilentFiber Acoustic Panels do not help to reduce the noise from the neighbor or the noisy street, they reduce the reverberation within a room - for a better Room acoustics.

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