We provide silence
in the office
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The production takes place with low energy consumption.


Our hemp and peat acoustic products are made with renewable raw materials.

Simple mounting

The acoustic panels and soundproofing panels are quite simple to install.

Do you know this too?

  • An office where it feels like ten people are talking at once?
  • A modern living room with a lot of glass and tile floor that looks very echoey?
  • Rooms in schools or kindergartens where teachers, educators and children can hardly understand each other?

These are all characteristics of poor room acoustics. Acoustic panels from SilentFiber solve the problem in no time.

Acoustic panels - hear the difference!

Room with poor acoustics - there is an echo here - the speaker is difficult to understand
Room with good acoustics - there is no echo here - you can understand the speaker well

Sustainable and decorative sound insulation

At SilentFiber we offer sustainable, affordable room acoustic solutions for private living space, for offices and foyers as well as for kindergartens and schools. AOur acoustic panels for walls and ceilings absorb sound and improve the speech intelligibility in a room in a natural way. Whether in new construction or for retrofitting to improve room acoustics: SilentFiber supplies innovative, sustainably produced sound insulation panels that are also visually impressive.

Acoustic panels - the natural sound insulation for walls and ceilings

Order mounting material for the acoustic panels:

Do you have any questions about the simple yet ingenious sound insulation solutions from SilentFiber? We will be happy to advise you by telephone at Germany: +49 8572  636 999 4 or Austria +43 650 911 06 14. We are also happy to receive your message - just write an e-mail to info@silentfiber.net or you can use our Online form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Founder and Managing Director Robert Schwemmer explains the SilentFiber acoustic panels

Acoustic panels & sound insulation panels in stock | short delivery time

Acoustic panels and soundproofing panels we have in stock.
The delivery time is 2-3 days after payment is received.

Special formats and printed acoustic panels
have a delivery time of about 3-4 weeks.